Autos Car Removal is the best Cash for Car company based in Adelaide, South Australia that has many years of experience in providing quality of various services that include Free Trucks, Cars and Utes Removal, top cash offer for unwanted, damaged, smashed, or salvaged sedans, SUVs, vans, light trucks, jeeps, and other vehicles.

Red Car


There are a plethora of reasons that can justify our Autos Car Removal service. On one hand, we offer cash for all cars, vans, trucks without considering vehicle specifications like make, model, and age. On the other, we arrange and send a tow truck to remove your car that is sitting in your garage for long or broken down on the freeway.


Helping to clean up Mission of all those old unwanted and scrap cars that sit in your yards. We’ll change your scrap and junk cars into cash we’ll pay up to $9999

Tow Truck

Instant On-Spot Cash for Old Cars with Free Towing Service

Cash for Car Removal services often need a few days to get the cash ready. However, when you do business with Cash for Car Removals Adelaide, this is simply not the case. We offer top on-spot cash for all our Cash for Car services regardless of what car type, make or model you may have. Our free Car Removal service also includes free vehicle assessment and towing services. These free service make our actual cash pay-out one of the highest in the industry as towing can be expensive when you have to hire it on separately. You will not have to take your car or vehicle anywhere at all, our doorstep based Cash for Car Removal service will pay you top dollar for any old car that you may have.

Top Dollar for Unwanted Cars On-Spot

Where other service providers in or around Adelaide can ask for time when it comes to paying out cash for their Car Removal Service, Cash for Car Removals Adelaide has a unique on-spot cash pay-out offer. We offer the decided cash right on the spot for you leaving your parking location cleaned up with a pocket full of cash for you to work with. Our Cash for Car with instant on-spot cash service also offers top cash pay-out deals that beat out the competition with decent amount. Whichever car make or model you have in whichever condition, you will simply get high amount of on-spot cash for them whenever you avail our service. Call us now to find out how much you can get for your old, broken or damage car or vehicle in the Southern Australia, region.